Executive Search

Direct Search – Headhunting is a service based on addressing candidates for positions in middle and top management, and experienced specialists.

Consultants are our main added value. In all cases, they personally pursued a successful career in the areas in which they now seek new candidates. Others have gained a unique know-how following the long-term stint in the developed markets of Western Europe. Thanks to our own research team, we are able to quickly approach a large number of candidates and select the best ones.

We search for candidates using a combination of the following methods:

  • We search in "search lists" for similar and recent (12-24 months) positions. "Search lists" are lists of applicants we contacted while searching for suitable candidates for similar positions. These are downright good candidates, who either did not want to change their job at that time, or whose professional profile did not entirely match the assigned requirements. There may also be candidates who preferred another employee because of their company culture, for instance.
  • We use an internal database numbering currently ca 9000 candidates with comments. We do our best to keep the database up-to-date (we monitor changes made in LinkedIn profiles and enter them into the database). We also make sure the candidates are properly labelled to make the search as fast and efficient as possible.
  • We also use external databases such as LinkedIn. Our consultants have pre-paid LinkedIn profiles that allow for very efficient searching by keywords or by current or last employer. In some cases, we use other publicly available databases, too.
  • In addition, we take advantage of our personal contacts when searching for candidates from the banking and financial sector. This is another very efficient source of quality candidates, since our contacts in financial institutions can directly recommend us the best applicants. Due to our many years´ activity in the financial sector, we have a large number of personal contacts available.
  • Another tool for obtaining interesting applicants is the recommendations by the candidates who are approached with an offer but who, at that time, have no interest in changing their job.


  • Finding out all relevant information concerning the company strategy, market conditions, products / services, current situation in the team, company culture, major clients, competition, etc.
  • Detailed analysis of the profile and qualifications of the sought candidate, a detailed description of the position
  • Research of potential candidates in the given area
  • Direct addressing of suitable candidates
  • Presentation of suitable candidates usually during the second week after the position assignment. At least two candidates per week are presented for each position
  • A report on the search status is prepared weekly
  • Assistance is provided while negotiating terms with the selected candidate

Service specifics

  • Discrete approach
  • Project search
  • Extensive research of the market segment
  • Providing the most suitable candidates from a large number of respondents

Executive Search Workflow

1. Assignment from our client (usually a description of the position)

2. Specification of qualification requirements

  • Preparing an ideal candidate profile
  • Selling points of the position
  • What is special about the position?
  • Reasons for candidates to be interested in this position

3. Candidate Sourcing

  • Searching for candidates with corresponding profiles, using a wide variety of sources
  • Gathering contact details

4. Telephone Interview

  • Eliciting latent interest in the position
  • Eliciting basic qualification requirements

5. Personal Interview

Structured in-depth interview prepared individually for the particular position according to its analysis

6. Report preparation regarding selected candidates

  • We prepare an individual report of each candidate, which reflects the results of the structured interview
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the candidate

7. Presentation of the first candidates to our client

  • At first, 2-3 candidates will be presented
  • Afterwards, the profiles of the presented candidates will be discussed with our client. The existing candidate profiles may then be adjusted for a further search.

8. Coordination of interviews organized by our client

  • We coordinate dates for interviews with candidates the client wishes to invite
  • Follow-up discussion regarding the course and results of recent interviews
  • When applicable, a candidate profile adjustment

9. Feedback for candidates

we share with all candidates

  • Following steps concerning candidate selecting procedure or
  • The reasons for refusal


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